Located close to Bay Square, Business Bay is one of the most prominent commercial districts in the UAE. The neighborhood was developed to match its counterparts in Tokyo and New York as a global business hub. Perhaps one of the downsides of working or residing in Business Bay is the fact that buildings are not located close to each other. At certain locations, the pavements are also absent, making it difficult for you to get from one site to another. The district does have its own metro station, but it’s heavily congested all through the day. Additionally, the area is still developing, and more often than not, you’ll find buses to be delayed or diverted. For these reasons, it is better to rent a car in Business Bay.

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Things to do in Business Bay

As mentioned, Business Bay is known across the country as a commercial hub, but it also houses its share of entertainment centers. If you want to explore Business Bay to its fullest or to commute to other parts of the Emirate without any hassles, hire a rental car for yourself. Listed are the top things you can do in the district.

Dubai Water Canal

The Dubai Water Canal is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country. Whether it be a weekday or weekend, you’ll find a ton of tourists and residents at this location enjoying its relaxed ambiance. There are no metro stations, or bus stops nearby, in case you were considering public transport to access this location.

Beautiful Skyline

Downtown Dubai and specifically Business Bay, offers you a unique opportunity to witness the glittering and mesmerizing sight of the Dubai skyline in all its glory. It is one of the reasons as to why this location is amongst the most photographed sites in the Emirate.

Fine Dining Restaurants

After Jumeirah, Business Bay is the go-to location to find fine-dining establishments within the country. With a variety of choices, you’ll able to find cuisine that caters to your taste without much trouble.

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