TECOM is a vibrant and fast-moving community located at the heart of New Dubai. Formerly known as Barsha Heights it is a mixed-use area, consisting of high-rise apartments and commercial buildings. A surplus of restaurants can be found in the area, along with supermarkets, pharmacies, laundry services as well as a local mosque. TECOM has a lot to offer in terms of amenities as well as nightlife. However, commuting to TECOM can be a challenge, especially for residents who are working in and around the vicinity. As a hub for working professionals, public transport during most times of the day are heavily congested. If you wish to avoid the hassles of public transport and explore TECOM and other parts of Dubai at your own pace, then rent a car from Drive Plus Rent A Car.

We here at DRPAC strive to provide our customers with an efficient car rental service by understanding their needs and requirements. Our comprehensive rental inventory includes a wide variety of economy and luxury cars from popular brands, including Kia, Hyundai, and Mitsubishi, to name a few. Apart from providing a rental vehicle perfectly suited to your needs, we extend our service without any hidden charges and also free pick-up and drop-off provisions. Get in touch with us using our inquiry form or place your booking through our website. Alternatively, you can also contact us through WhatsApp on +971558580558.

Why You Need to Hire a Car in TECOM

Shops and Amenities

As a thriving urban neighborhood, TECOM presents a convenient and affordable lifestyle to its residents and tourists alike. One can find several everyday shopping centers and other basic amenities in this district. However, if you are eager to explore all that the Emirate has to offer, then a rental car is a must!


The United Arab Emirates is gifted with numerous beaches that stretch along its coastline. The nearest one to TECOM is Kite Beach, located approximately 10Kms away in Jumeirah. Public transport such as buses and metros are pretty much non-existent in this location and taxis can be costly. With a rental car, you cannot access Kite Beach, but also numerous other scenic spots across the country.

A Need of the Hour

TECOM houses numerous private schools and universities within its neighborhood. With a vehicle of your own, you’ll be able to drop off your child to school and travel to your workplace without any hassles. Families will also be ready to go on weekend trips and outings within the country without being restricted by the public transport system.

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