Al Karama, or otherwise referred to as Karama, is a mixed-use residential district that houses a vast majority of the countries’ South Asian expatriate community. Unlike other neighborhoods in Dubai, Karama is almost wholly devoid of towering high-rise buildings, instead the district is mostly composed of low-rise residential buildings that are separated by narrow alleyways. If you are on vacation in the Emirate, you should plan a visit to Karama not only to catch a glimpse of arguably Dubai’s most vibrant community but also to indulge yourself in some budget shopping and dining. Although the neighborhood is blessed with numerous public transport provisions, effectively using them is a problem in itself. The ADCB Metro station is arguably the most hectic of all the present stations in the country. Due to the narrow roadways and hectic footfall, depending on buses and taxis can pose another problem on its own. If you wish to explore Al Karama and other districts in the Emirate at your convenience, then opt to rent a car in Karama with Drive Plus Rent a Car.

As one of the most trusted car rental companies in the country, we focus on providing our customers with affordable rates and quality service. Customers can choose to hire a vehicle from us on either daily, weekly, or monthly plans. In addition to free maintenance, we also provide free pick-up and delivery from any location in the Emirate. If you already have a vehicle in mind, browse through our available listing and place your booking. In case you have troubling narrowing down on a single car, get in touch with us, and we’ll help you in making the decision.

Which Rental Car Type to Choose in Karama

As important as it is to choose a reliable car rental agency, you should also choose a rental type that best fits your specific requirements. Not all vehicles are the same – compact cars, sedans, and SUVs, not only differ in their specifications but are suited to different applications. If you are seeking a rental car for your day-to-day travels in the Emirate, the preferred option would be a compact car as it can easily navigate narrow roadways and heavy traffic. In case you are a tourist, then opt for either a sedan or an SUV based on how many passengers are traveling with you. Listed below are some of the most popular car types to help you make your decision:

Compact Cars

If you are seeking an affordable, comfortable, and a fuel-efficient means of travel, opt for a compact car. They usually come as either a 4- or 5-seater.


The name hatchback comes from its distinguishing feature, where the rear door opens upwards. Often the back seats can be folded to increase the cargo space for luggage.


With sedans, your options are endless, with numerous models having various passenger and cargo space, they are suited for both frequent and occasional travel requirements.


These are sturdy 4×4 vehicles that can be driven both on-road and off-road. However, they are not as fuel-efficient as the other types mentioned above.

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